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Change of Scenery

Tomorrow is my first day working for ServiceNow. It was a tough decision to leave IBM – and I know that I will certainly miss working with my former co-workers – but I think it was the right one for me.

MicroProfile GraphQL and JPA: Meant for Each Other

Can it really be that easy?! Yes it can! Come check out this session where we’ll discuss and demo how you can rapidly build data-driven microservices using GraphQL. MicroProfile GraphQL makes it simple to create Java-based GraphQL services with a few annotations. JPA makes it simple to access data in a database. When you put…

Book Excerpt: Real World Jakarta REST Example

The following in an excerpt from Practical Cloud-Native Java Development with MicroProfile from Packt Publishing. It is available for pre-order from Amazon.com and directly from Packt. It is scheduled for release in September. This excerpt comes from chapter 4: Building Cloud-Native Applications and describes how to build a more real-world RESTful application using Jakarta REST…

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