Book Excerpt: Real World Jakarta REST Example

The following in an excerpt from Practical Cloud-Native Java Development with MicroProfile from Packt Publishing. It is available for pre-order from and directly from Packt. It is scheduled for release in September. This excerpt comes from chapter 4: Building Cloud-Native Applications and describes how to build a more real-world RESTful application using Jakarta REST…More

Practical Cloud-Native Java Development with MicroProfile

For the past six months, I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing co-authors (Emily Jiang, John Alcorn, David Chan and Alasdair Nottingham) and a super-supportive publisher (Packt) to produce the definitive guide to Java Cloud-native development. So, what’s in it? My co-authors and I don’t like fluff – it’s titled Practical for a…More

What’s Coming in Jakarta REST 3.1?

The ink is still drying on Jakarta EE 9 / 9.1 and the Jakarta RESTful Web Services 3.0 specs, but the REST community isn’t slowing down.  While vendors and developers are rapidly adopting EE 9, the Jakarta REST (aka JAX-RS) community is actively preparing for future releases. DISCLAIMER: Everything in this post is planned as…More


Hi. I’m Andy. I’ve been developing software in some form or another since I was a pre-teen. One of my first “products” was a Zork-like text adventure game on my dad’s Commodore 64, written in BASIC. I was the star of my 7th grade science fair! Since then, I’ve played with various languages like Pascal…More

Have it your way with MicroProfile GraphQL!

Originally posted on June 10, 2020 at: Open Liberty introduces a new feature, MicroProfile GraphQL, which enables developers to quickly and easily write GraphQL applications with MicroProfile. If you’re here reading about GraphQL in Open Liberty, then chances are that you already know a bit about GraphQL. In short, GraphQL is a remote data…More

Improved developer experience and MicroProfile integration for MicroProfile Rest Client 1.2

Originally posted on March 28, 2019 at: MicroProfile Rest Client is a type-safe client API for invoking RESTful services. Version 1.2 improves the developer experience and enhances integration with other MicroProfile technologies such as CDI, Fault Tolerance, OpenTracing, etc. MicroProfile Rest Client 1.2 is part of MicroProfile 2.2, which is available in Open Liberty…More

Asynchronous REST with JAX-RS and MicroProfile

Originally posted on January 24, 2019 at: JAX-RS and MicroProfile Rest Client make writing and consuming RESTful services both easy and powerful, especially when using their asynchronous capabilities. In this post, we’ll look at how to use asynchronous JAX-RS resource methods on the server side. There are limited use cases in which async is suitable…More


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